The Cape Town Opera Youth Development and Education (YDE) department is the company’s flagship music education programme. We address the lack of equitable music pedagogy for learners in marginalised, township, and rural South African communities. The programme uses opera, classical singing and musical theatre to provide learners with access to performing arts, addressing current social challenges and exposing them to the recognized classical music repertoire. Their involvement in interpreting live musical performances addresses numerous academic, cognitive, social and intellectual challenges.

Beneficiaries participate in our YDE programme regardless of race, ethnicity, age, disability, or socioeconomic circumstance. This programme arose from the desperate need for music education and theatre skills development that are not widely available in South Africa. The vital importance of this programme can be seen not only through its cultural significance but also through the genuine interest and eager participation expressed by learners.

Read more about our Youth Development and Education initiatives below.

Our Future Stars

The Foundation Studio is a ground-breaking initiative designed to empower high school learners who do not possess a music literacy background. We equip these students with the essential skills required to confidently enrol in university music courses, bridging the gap between our learners and learners who have a foundation in music education.

On The Road

As the only full-time opera company on the African continent, we take pride in presenting workshops that focus on solo and small ensemble singing skills, making classical and South African vocal repertoire accessible to learners throughout South Africa.

In Your Classroom

Unable to attend live sessions? No problem! Our E-Learning programmes provide online access to workshops for learners and conductors who participate in our National Schools Tour.

At Your School

At Cape Town Opera, we believe in the power of in-person connections, and our Sing Like a Pro: Centre Stage workshop stands as a testament to that commitment.

CTO Children’s Chorus

The Cape Town Opera Children’s Chorus, where young voices soar and dreams take flight.

Little Explorers

It’s never too early to foster a love of the arts! Our Opera Blocks programme is an immersive theatre experience that brings the magic of opera to the youngest of audiences and their adult companions.