When going to the opera you step into a magical world of drama, powerful music and elaborate stagecraft. You can expect to see stunning costumes, hear incredible -and unamplified! – singing (usually in a different language), and experience a mix of music and storytelling that ranges from tragic to comedic. There’s often an orchestra playing and the performances are really expressive. It’s a unique and immersive experience!

At Cape Town Opera we strive to bring the wonderful world of opera to everyone. Our performances have both English and isiXhosa surtitles and selected performances have sign language translators.

Try to arrive 30 to 40 minutes before the start of the performance. The doors close when the performance starts so, sadly, you will not be allowed to enter the theater once the performance is in full swing.

Yes! Depending on the length of the performance there may be one or more intermissions.
Take the time to eat and drink and chat with your fellow opera goers!

  • Do I have to wear fancy clothing?

The opera is open to all, so you don’t have to wear a snazzy suit and tie or an extravagant dress. While it’s fun to see our guests dressed to impress, T-shirts and jeans are equally fine for attending an opera.

  • When do I clap?

If you feel moved to applaud, please do! Else, if you are still unsure, just follow along with the other audience members and you’ll be alright.

  • Don’t talk 

Here at Cape Town Opera we want everyone to have the same amazing experience. No matter how excited you are, please keep the other audience members in mind and refrain from chatting during the performance. 

  • Phones and Videos 

Phones are a distraction to you and your fellow opera-goers (ringing phones as well as bright screens), so we ask that you turn off your devices before the show starts and not to take any photos or videos during the performance.

  • Food and Drink 

Food and drink will not be allowed during the performance. If you grab a bite during intermission, be sure to finish before you return to your seats.