Our Youth Development and Education department has created three e-learning programmes, offering musical training to learners everywhere: Sing Like a Pro;  Sing Like a Pro: The Masterclass;  and Conduct Like a Pro. These instructional videos, designed to educate as well as to inspire, help to improve musical knowledge, style, and technique, and to teach participants about stagecraft and conducting.

Sing Like a Pro

In 2020, Cape Town Opera embarked on a mission to support learners preparing for the ABC Motsepe South African Schools Choral Eisteddfod (SASCE) Open Section category. Introducing a collection of 13 instructional videos, our Sing Like a Pro series is designed to empower aspiring vocalists with the skills they need to shine.

Each video in the series serves as a valuable resource, offering insights into proper vocal techniques, and addressing specific challenges associated with each piece and voice type. What makes our series truly special is the inclusion of performances by past SASCE competition winners who have since made their mark in the professional singing world and, in collaboration with the Department of Basic Education, Cape Town Opera have made these instructional gems accessible to learners across South Africa.

Sing Like a Pro: The Masterclass

Sing Like a Pro: The Masterclass consists of seven instructional videos, each meticulously crafted in collaboration with 12 talented learners from our partner schools along with esteemed Cape Town Opera singers.

What sets this series apart is our commitment to inclusivity. Learners from our partner schools actively participated in the filming process, creating a connection that allows viewers to relate to their peers. This personal touch adds a unique dimension to the learning journey.

To enhance accessibility, Sing Like a Pro and Sing Like a Pro: The Masterclass have been translated into isiXhosa, IsiZulu, and Sesotho, ensuring that the wealth of knowledge and inspiration they offer reaches learners far and wide across South Africa.

Conduct Like a Pro

Conduct Like a Pro is a comprehensive series designed for conductors, teachers, and aspiring maestros. Presented by distinguished South African conductors, it comprises eight modules focusing on various aspects of choral conducting, from foundational elements to score interpretation, vocal health, and teamwork. Each module offers invaluable insights, making it a treasure trove for conductors at all levels.