Standing ovations and rave reviews for Tiger Bay the Musical

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The staging of a new musical is an epic and risky venture, but the enthusiastic reception for Tiger Bay the Musical suggests that the musical is a classic in the making.

The powerful combination of a gripping and relevant story with moving music, skilfully interpreted by an international creative team and powerfully executed by a talented cast, was widely praised.

Benn Van Der Westhuizen wrote in What’s on in Cape Town:

Tiger Bay the Musical “feels like the perfect reactionary artistic approach to address our current social vernacular. Much of the storyline shows metaphoric traces of our shameful xenophobic outbursts, the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe, the Black Lives Matter movement in America, and the wind of change for feminist movements sweeping across the world.

“Kudos to Michael Williams and his team. Together they have created an instant classic which is as culturally relevant to South Africa as it is to the world. It’s so rare to get the first shot at seeing something this good and with so much promise; do anything you can to get a ticket.”

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Beverley Brommert wrote in the Cape Times:

“Like Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera, Tiger Bay the Musical is a spectacular work that flirts with opera, affording its vocalists ample scope to show their mettle. As such it has plenty to offer lovers of lyrically expressive music: Daf James’ score is replete with soaring choruses and tender arias.”

Fiona Chisholm writes for Weekend Special:

“In a star-studded cast, carefully welded into a superb unit by directors Melly Still and Max Barton, there is only space to mention a few:


Vikki Bebb as Rowena Pryddy, the feisty, diminutive blonde bombshell with a lovely personality and soaring soprano;


Judy Ditchfield as the hoity-toity fake spiritualist, who later is unrecognisable as one of the tormentors of children.”

She concludes that Tiger Bay the Musical “has the dramatic punch to be another Les Miserables”.

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