CTO introduces new entry-level patron tier: support us by becoming a CTO Gem! (Give Every Month)

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For a small monthly amount (from R50 per month) you can help Cape Town Opera Keep the Nation Singing!

Your contribution will help with the many types of expenses incurred year-round. These include providing a sustainable livelihood for our artists and musicians, carpenters, painters, technicians, creative artists, coaches, hair and make-up artists, videographers, photographers, and a multitude of other professions.

Lower your blood pressure by skipping two cappuccinos per month, or your cholesterol by skipping a few pizzas, and support Cape Town Opera instead! 

To become a CTO Gem please contact Lesley Liddle at lesleyl@capetownopera.co.za.

Every bit of support counts and remember that Cape Town Opera changes lives. For a reminder watch the moving clip below of Masabane Cecilia Rangwanasha, the winner of the Cardiff Singer of the World Song Prize this year.

For a more comprehensive overview of the work we do, please scroll to the bottom of the newsletter.