To be South Africa’s best positioned opera company to give full expression locally and internationally to the excellence of the country’s young world-class singing talent in the operatic art form.


  1. To produce a diverse programme of operas and music theatre works (Including core repertoire, new commissions and innovative projects) which serve South African performers and audiences;
  2. To provide the best training to develop young South African voices  to the highest level of excellence;
  3. To engage with local communities to create jobs and provide education about opera as an art form thereby investing in the future of opera in South Africa;
  4. To engage in the global business of opera as a respected and equal partner.


  1. Excellence in all that the Company does.
  2. Building capacity for the future of opera as a performing art.
  3. On-going transformation of the culture and work of the company in line with the country’s ethos of diversity.


Our Business Plan addresses the following imperatives:

  1. The company’s mission to stage operas: by identifying income sources designated for opera;
  2. Capacity building:  by securing financial support for training, education and development programmes;
  3. The company’s loan liability: by putting in place a touring programme that generates profit to repay these loans.


The Board will play a high level role in the advocacy of the opera art form to government, business and higher education institutions.