To be South Africa’s best-positioned opera company, able to give full expression locally and internationally to the excellence of the country’s world-class singing talent in the operatic art form. 


  1. To produce a diverse programme of operas and other musical works, including core repertoire, new commissions and innovative projects, which serve South African performers and audiences; 
  2. To nurture and provide the best training to develop South African voices to the highest level of excellence; 
  3. To engage with local communities to create jobs and provide education about opera as an art form, thereby investing in the future of opera in South Africa; 
  4. Build capacity for the future of opera as a performing art; 
  5. To engage in the global business of opera as a respected and equal partner.


Cape Town Opera commits itself to upholding the following code of ethics and company values: 

  1. Appreciation
    To recognise and appreciate the contributions and support of our members, volunteers and donors;
  2. Integrity
    To be honest, transparent, credible and fair in our interactions with each other and with others;
  3. Respect
    To respect each other and others; the operatic art form; our diverse cultural heritage; the CTO brand, policies and values;
  4. Stewardship
    To plan and manage our resources in the interest of an enhanced, sustainable future for opera and its practioners in South Africa.


  1. Collaboration
    Embrace collaborations with partners, artists and our community;
  2. Creativity
    Value the importance of being able to think and work creatively and find imaginative solutions to support the company’s progress;
  3. Excellence
    To deliver excellence in all that we do;
  4. Inclusivity
    Strive to have a diverse team that is reflective of our community and celebrate the way that difference can drive creativity; proactive in engaging with people and making our work and practice accessible;
  5. Innovation
    Being open to new impulses and directions and embracing original thoughts and ideas; confident about pushing boundaries and challenging ourselves in what we do as a company;
  6. Passion
    To be totally committed to everything that we undertake.