Van Wyk Venter was born into a musical family and has been making music his whole life. With an eclectic musical taste, Van Wyk discovered his affinity for opera later in life. During his stint at Stellenbosch University studying a BMus in Voice, his lecturer Minette du Toit-Pearce encouraged him to pursue opera. With her guidance and that of Cape Town Opera Artistic Director Magdalene Minnaar, he is flourishing on the opera scene. Being exposed to the vibrant music scenes in South Africa, and specifically the Western Cape, Van Wyk has deep appreciation for it. It has taken a knock since the pandemic but Van Wyk has faith that it will be restored to its former glory. Having only recently envisioned a career in opera, Van Wyk is excited to see where the programme will take him from here. “I’m grateful for the opportunity at the Cape Town Opera, being the premier opera company in the country and on the continent. If there is a place where one can pursue a career in opera in this country, it is here.”