Nkululeko Mqobongo

Nkululeko’s interest in opera stretches back to his early high school days, when a conductor began to show soloists like himself DVDs of musical performances that sparked inspiration. From this point, he began to understand what he describes as “the beauty of its complexities and simplicities.” Now, it feels to him as if he’s always wanted to be an opera singer, and his acceptance into Cape Town Opera Young Artists Programme feels like the fulfilment of a predestined plan – operatic singing is the only singing he knows, and he believes that this step in his career is something aligned by the universe to happen at just the right time. When CTO isn’t keeping him busy, Nkululeko likes to use his downtime to relax and reflect – and to immerse himself in a wide variety of music genres. He enjoys writing, composing his observations of the world and thoughts on topics about which he feels passionately.