Lwazi’s total dedication to opera is evident – he even sings in his sleep, he’s told. Having recently obtained an advanced diploma at the UCT School of Music, he opted to join the CTO instead of continuing with a postgraduate degree in order to gain the invaluable experience of being professionally led in performance. Lwazi’s first role with the CTO will be in Hansel and Gretel as Peter, the father. Lwazi loves challenges and adamantly believes that one should never become overly comfortable or complacent in life. Looking to his own future challenges and goals, he’s pleased and impressed that the CTO provides the world-class education necessary to sing overseas in countries where opera has been established for centuries. “A lot of young people are losing hope and have no direction,” he says, speaking particularly of life during the pandemic. For him, music has proved to be a great motivator, and he hopes that it can provide a path forward for more young people like it did for him.