Not even the tip of Africa is out of reach of the magic of opera, and for the past 21 years Cape Town Opera (CTO) has been the Mother City’s custodian of this enduring and wondrous art form.

CTO’s special birthday this year is much more than a coming-of-age event. This intrepid company, its loyal and supportive members and patrons, past and present, will celebrate its achievements and the outstanding manner in which it has grappled with change and transformation over the past two decades. Today opera stands at the heart of cultural life in Cape Town and CTO is proudly representative of this country and its people.

Cape Town Opera’s 21st anniversary is a significant marker in the company’s journey, but our work is far from done, not while South Africa has voices of the calibre of Pretty Yende and Levy Sekgapane. To continue training such voices and giving them exposure on local and international stages will require a special effort, particularly on the financial front.

Therefore we are asking everyone, also those who have given of their time, effort and resources in the past, to Celebrate by Giving.

Our 21 appeal is an opportunity to do just that. You can donate R21 or R210 or R2100 or R 21,000 or more, or give R21 every month for the next 12 months, or find 21 friends to provide a once-off donation. Whether its in rands, pounds, euros, yen, dollars or naira, help us celebrate this milestone of opera in Cape Town!


The easiest way to show your appreciation for Cape Town Opera is to donate online via GivenGain or to the Make-A-Difference Campaign, where you can make a contribution of any amount.