Cape Town Opera is excited to expand its philanthropic reach with the newly created American Friends Circle.  Many of Cape Town Opera’s “alumni” are now based in or have regular engagements with the leading opera companies and orchestras in United States.  Establishing this network of supporters provides Cape Town Opera the opportunity to promote and increase the work and training Cape Town Opera is doing in Africa while building momentum for future artistic collaborations and touring possibilities.

Our friends and supporters based in the United States can support our activities through a contribution to the American Circle of Cape Town Opera (the “Fund”) at Myriad USA, a U.S. public charity within the scope of Sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donors may be eligible for a U.S. income tax deduction for their contributions to the extent permitted by U.S. tax law. In accordance with U.S. tax law, Myriad USA retains complete control and discretion over amounts contributed to the Fund.